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Staff Bios

Jody Baun R.M.T
Jody graduated from the Western College of Remedial Massage Therapies in Regina Saskatchewan in 1992. In 1994, Jody received an Advanced Massage Therapy diploma from the Northern College of Physical Therapies located in Blackpool England, and Sports Massage accreditation from the Sports Massage Training Institute in Cosa Mesa California. Following a few years of practice building, Jody established Saskatoon Therapeutic Massage Centre Ltd. which has served Saskatoon and surrounding areas for the past 20+ years. On November 1st 2010, Saskatoon Therapeutic Massage Centre Ltd., transitioned into Myo-Therapies Myofascial Treatment Centre and Massage.

Throughout his 24 year practice, Jody has explored varying assessment and treatment philosophies with respect to MusculoSkeletal conditions and concerns. Some of which include, Muscle Energy techniques, Soft Tissue mobilization, CranioSacral therapy, Strain/Counterstrain therapy, Ultrasound and Deep Tissue massage.

For approximately the past 18 years, Jody has studied Myofascial Release Therapy as developed and taught by John F. Barnes P.T. (

Jody’s professional proficiencies have enabled him to become an advanced Myofascial Release Therapist and a full instructor with Myofascial Release Seminars.

Considering his experiential component with respect to the application of many varying modalities, Jody believes Myofascial Release creates the most favourable environment in the body for significant change to occur.

Jody’s passion for Myofascial Release allows him to utilize and practice it’s respective principles not only in his professional realm but his personal life as well.

Such ambitions have assisted Jody in developing Saskatoon’s largest primary destination resource for Myofascial Release Therapy.

Aaron Johnson R.M.T.
Aaron Johnson graduated from the McKay School of Massage and Hydrotherapy in 1997.

With more than 19 years of experience as a registered Massage Therapist, Aaron has worked in many different health settings. For 4 years of his career, Aaron taught at the McKay School of Massage and Hydrotherapy facilitating courses in Neurological Disorders and Hydrotherapy.

His proficiencies include advanced training in the John F. Barnes P.T. method of Myofascial Release Therapy, CranioSacral Therapy as taught by the Upledger Institute, Muscle Energy Technique and some Reiki.

Aaron believes providing clients with the tools to effectively self treat at home directly enhances the benefits of their treatment sessions. Aaron has found hands on therapy with the respective self treatment is an extremely successful and cost effective method to reduce pain, restore function and enhance the well being of his clients.

Tania Friesen R.M.T.
Tania Friesen received her Massage Therapy Diploma with Honors from the McKay School of Massage and Hydrotherapy in Dec of 2003. Upon completing the program Tania began practice building at various locations throughout Saskatoon.

In 2008, Tania began her Myofascial Release journey by completing her first Myofascial Release seminar as taught by John F Barnes P.T. Shortly thereafter, Tania joined the team at Saskatoon Therapeutic Massage Centre Ltd. which kicked off her Myofascial career. Tania’s pursuit of excellence has enabled her to proficiently continue with her Myofascial training.

In 2010, Tania remained with Saskatoon Therapeutic Massage Centre as it transitioned into Myo-Therapies. Tania feels priviledged to be a part of Myo-Therapies and believes she is surrounded by skilled, energetic, knowledgeable therapists who have taught her a great deal.

Tania feels working in an environment which encourages Myofascial Release has assisted her growth not only professionally but personally as well. Tania has become a therapist of highest regard and continues to study alongside John F Barnes P.T.

Kirstan Cattell R.M.T.
Kirstan graduated with honors from the Mckay Massage and Hydrotherapy program in Saskatoon, Sk. Throughout the 2200 hour program, Kirstan developed a particular interest towards Myofascial Release as taught and developed by John F. Barnes P.T. This seemed to be a natural progression since her initial exposure to Myofascial Release was as a young person for the management and treatment of the many injuries she sustained as a dancer.

Upon completion of her schooling, Kirstan had already completed a number of Myofascial Release courses as offered by John F. Barnes P.T.

Kirstan joined our Myo-Therapies team to further develop her Myofascial proficiencies and to continue to establish her client portfolio. Kirstan will be pleased to work with not only new clients but existing ones as well should the need arise.

Brock Robinson R.M.T.
Brock Robinson is a graduate from the McKay Massage and Hydrotherapy program. Brock was honoured with receipt of the Professionalism Award amongst his graduating class.

During his schooling, Brock was introduced to Myofascial Release as taught by John F. Barnes. P. T.

It quickly became apparent to Brock that if the fascial system affects all body systems, working with it would have to prove advantageous.

Applying this safe, natural and effective treatment method, as taught by John F. Barnes P.T., consistently provided his clients with favourable results.

Brock decided to direct his career to solely study and practice Myofascial Release Therapy.

Brock recently moved his practice to Myo-Therapies and has quickly become an integral part of our knowledgeable, enthusiastic team.